Introducing Roman Ragazzi a Collin O’ Neal Exclusive

Roman Ragazzi is beyond a shadow of any doubt the sexiest, hairy, muscled stud to turn up in the porn world in years. His masculine face and permanent five o’clock shadow compliment his perfectly hairy torso, six pack abs and huge legs. In addition, Roman has a fat nine-inch cock! His Mediterranean heritage blends the best aspects from a gene pool that for centuries has produced the finest examples of the classic male form. Indeed, his perfectly proportioned features would easily rank him among the finest examples of Michelangelo’s Renaissance era model pool. Is it any wonder the Roman’s conquered the world. Enjoy!

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All of you fans of Roman Ragazzi are in for a treat! Actually, this is the first scene Roman ever performed in for Collin.  Collin was very pleased with him and his partner Brennon. This scene was not easy to pull off and it may be one of the toughest scenes Collin ever filmed.

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