GRUNTS: The 6-Disc Features Film

It doesn’t get any bigger than this! GRUNTS is the most expensive all-male erotic movie ever made. When you buy the six-disc set you get everything: over 40 sex scenes, more than ten hours of special features, disc after disc of hardcore action that will leave you satisfied for months, and on top of everything, you get to save over fifty bucks off the price of the individual two disc sets! GRUNTS is porn of epic proportions and it will become a towering classic of all-male erotica. It is the culmination of Chris Ward’s legendary directing career, and the launching point for Ben Leon to become one of the industry’s top directors.

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Aaron Summer

Antonio Biaggi

Billy Berlin

Brodie Sinclair

Domini Pacifico

Jake Deckar

Jay Mack

Justin Christopher

Kam Run

Luke Haas

Mason Garet

Max Shutler

Orlando Toro

Rafael Alencar

Ricky Sinz

River Fiasco

 RJ Danvers

Roman Ragazzi

Victor Steele