Scene 2: Randy, Kaden, Thomas and Damien


The second scene of Pullin’ Rank 3 features hung cutie Randy, all-American dreamboat Kaden, sexy muscular Thomas and tiny green-eyed Damien. Hang on to your hand grenades ’cause this is one hot four-way. Thomas and Damien are so into each other and sex between them is oh so hot. You’d swear they were made for one another. Thomas makes such a good "daddy" for little Damien who loves to be dominated and used for his partner’s gratification. He’s a dirty talking daddy that knows how to get the most out of his partners and Damien knows how to give his best. The other hot pairing is that of Randy and Kaden. If their hard cocks are any indication of how much fun they’re having, I’d say they’re in heaven. I’m not sure when I’ve seen Randy get this into sucking a cock. And man, does Kaden’s cock love the attention. They are totally horny for each other as they service one another’s hot cocks. Kaden decides to bottom for Randy’s huge cock and from there its pure bliss.

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