Introducing Sexy Big Guy Cody Miller!

19-year old Cody Miller already has an ambitious goal ahead of him – he wants to be HUGE. And he’s workin on it now. A seductive muscle Colt already,Powermen first encountered Cody in the crowds at the 2005 Olympia Expo, and they decided to make his acquaintance. He was delighted."Sure, I’m working on it," he told them. "All the time! I want to be FREAKY, man." Powermen proposed to put him on tape. Not a problem for outgoing Cody – and in his video clips you’ll see him working out alongside MuscleHunk Tony da Vinci. Both men, on their way to being HUGE. Enjoy 21 video clips of Cody Miller in our Membership Section.
We love you Cody and that’s a wrap