Natural & Ronald At

This week we have 2 of the sexiest alumni back in the house packin some thick ass meat and needing to get them off. Natural, the smooth lady killer is back. Natural is 26 and is one of the finest exports the Caribbean has produced. His background is an exquisite mix of black, German, Indian and even Russian. His eyes are amazing and make both men and women stop to take notice. In the bedroom, this soft spoken, tall, café au lait god is better equipped than most. He packs a thick 9” cock that he’s mastered into the perfect tool of seduction. He believes that sensuality and sexuality go hand in hand yet in this day and age it’s hard to find guys that can bring both to the table. Fortunately Natural does that incredibly well—and so much more.

Ronald Casis, the 27 yr old hottie from Colorado makes up the second half of our all you can choke on combo. This baby faced cutie packs a thick 8½” python in his sexy briefs. He loves the beach and says he gets really horny laying out and loves giving people something to stare at while at the local nude beach. He’s used to the stares. He’s been having trouble hiding his large cock in his pants since he was in elementary school. He knows that both men and women are always doing double takes when they see his bulge. Lucky for all of us Ronald doesn’t mind one bit! 

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