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ARTULI MEDIA is proud to present the completely redesigned new  We are also proud to see so many of the MuscleGallery Athletes winning major international championships in 2008. Take a look – see what our men have done – and then, come and see are all new redesigned MuscleGallery – and see these champions in their full video and photographic glory!

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Denis Sergovskiy

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Denis Sergovskiy is one of the most exciting muscle sensations to hit the bodybuilding competition scene in a long time. We met him at an event in 2005, just before he burst onto the American bodybuilding scene. Originally from Moscow, Denis has lived in the U.S.for only three years—and already, he speaks fluent English (or should we say …. American?). Currently living in Las Vegas, Denis decided to compete at the NPC 2007 Mr. LA. where he took the Super Heavyweight Class. Standing tall at t 6 feet, 1 inches; blessed with perfect symmetry, astonishing muscle detail and separations; and highly disciplined conditioning, Denis has as much personal charisma and appeal as anyone we’ve ever at MuscleGallery. Congratulations to Denis for receiving his Pro Card in 2008.

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Eduardo Correa

ARNOLD CLASSIC AMATEUR Light Heavyweight Class
Cyber Classic (organized by Muscular Development)

 IFBB Light Heavyweight World Champion Eduardo Correa has been part of the ARTULI MEDIA family for a long time. We discovered him in 2003; since then, we have done multiple shoots with him in the U.S. and Brazil. We also sponsored him for several international contests—nearly all of which ended in his taking home a trophy. Eduardo won the 2007 IFBB World Championships (Light Heavyweight) in Korea, and he also won his class at the Arnold Classic Amateur Championship 2008. You will see Eduaro working out—and working off of—Tarek Elsetouhi, who is also sponsored by ARTULI MEDIA, in several joint video clips.

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Tarek Elsetouhi

ARNOLD CLASSIC AMATEUR Super Heavyweight Class & Overall IFBB Pro Card

Tarek Elsetouhi is one of the newest stars on the IFBB Pro bodybuilding competition circuit. We became aware of Tarek in 2004 when he won the international German Championship twice. Tarek has been shoots in Hungary, Italy, Egypt, and Florida. We were so impressed with Tarek’s physique and can-do attitude that we agreed to sponsor him in the all-important 2008 Arnold Classic Amateur Championships, where he took both the Super Heavyweight Class and the Overall titles, and received his IFBB Pro Card. Within a short time, Tarek has since competed in four Pro Shows; in each one, he received one of the top spots and beat many of the biggest names in IFBB Pro Bodybuilding.

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Daniel Hill

Probably the youngest IFBB professional on the pro circuit, this Mainz, Germany, native might be only 21 years old, but at 6 feet tall, he packs in 195 pounds of packed muscle at contest weight. At age 6, Daniel was already training for swimming, then took up handball. At 14, he began seriously weight training. Coached by Francisco Guerrero, Daniel took the German Junior Champion for three years running. Daniel went on to win the Heavyweight and Overall IFBB World Junior Championships in Budapest. Just two weeks later we shot him in so that you could see him at the beginning of an outstanding bodybuilding career. And congratulations to Daniel for receiving his IFBB Pro Card in 2008.

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Tony Breznik

Austrian IFBB Championships (Overall)

 In the bodybuilding world, there are few acts as tough to follow as Arnold Schwarzenegger. As the current Mr. Austria, however, Tony Breznik is poised to follow In the footsteps of his countryman. We met Tony in Germany in 2006, when he was only 21 years old. We immediately invited Tony to New York for a shot. Two years later, Tony packed on 40 pounds of pure muscle, which won him the Mr. Austria title—and immediately afterward traveled to Miami for another shoot with MuscleGallery. Tony is a 2008 MuscleGallery Winner in the Spotlight.

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Nikolai Chernetsky

Russian bodybuilder Nikolai Chernetsky is the 2008 IFBB European Middleweight Champion. Nikolai lives seven time zones east of Moscow, but we photographed him together with the Russian Roman Dudushkin in sunny Spain.  Nikolai Chernetsky is a MuscleGallery 2008 Winner in the Spotlight.

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Silvio Samuel

Congratulations to Silvio for his Overall Placing at the IFBB Pro Houston Invitational.  Muscle Gallery discovered Silvio Samuel at an amateur contest in Barcelona back in October 2005, where Silvio took 5th place. We immediately recognized his amazing potential to become a bodybuilding star. Besides providing this fine athlete with a financial sponsorship, MuscleGallery flew this then-underrated bodybuilder on several occasions to the US to kick off his professional IFBB career. Born in Brazil, Silvio grew up in Nigeria. and currently competes for Spain, but lives in California. In 2007, he qualified five times out of five for the Mr. Olympia. Silvio’s a unique combination of muscle size, symmetry and proportions must be seen to be believed.

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Charles Ray Arde

Houston IFBB Pro Invitational (202 Class


Congratulations to Ray Arde for Class Win at the 2008 Houston IFBB Pro Invitational.FBB Pro Bodybuilder Charles Ray Arde (aka Charles “Stingray” Arde) won the Light Heavyweight Class at the 2005 NPC Nationals. Most recently he won the 202 class at the 2008 Houston IFBB Pro Show. We shot this top athlete on several occasions in Miami, when he was perfectly prepared, hard, and conditioned. He also knew just how to please the camera. Ray is the total package—boasting awesome legs, arms, chest, and a lat spread as wide as the Rockefelller Center Christmas tree.

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Dobri Delev

23 year old Bulgarian Bodybuilder Dobri Delev is actually known as a young county singer. After we gained awareness of this talented athlete, MuscleGallery sponsored Dobri and invited him to London, where he participated at the prestigious TITAN Bodybuilding Spectacular 2008. The hard work paid off! Dobri did not just win his weight class, but the overall. His video clips include backstage footage and gym training, along with Titan Guest Poser Husam Isawi.

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Sami Al-Haddad

Congratulations to Sami for taking Overall at the Norwegian Battle of Giants. We always had faith that Sami Al-Haddad would become one of the world’s most gifted bodybuilders, and he’s totally vindicated us. For that reason MuscleGallery flew Sami all the way from Bahrain to Los Angeles, Miami, New York and London to participate in various competitions—and to pose for our cameras. A star was born, as you’ll see in this international collection.

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Ahmed Hamouda

Egyptian native Ahmed Hamouda is the 2006 IFBB World Heavyweight Champion. He is a true star in his own country, his fame extending far beyond the bodybuilding world. Ahmed now lives most of the time in Germany. We photographed him at the historic archeological sites of Abusir, south of Cairo.  Congratulations to Ahmed for his high placing at the IFBB World Championships. Ahmed took 1st Place in the Super Heavyweight Class, and the Overall in the Masters.

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Ali Tabrizi – Nouri

Ali Tabrizi-Nouri was the Overall 2006 IFBB World Champion. This amazing bodybuilder was born in Iran and now lives in Iran. In 2001, Ali became the Asian IFBB Heavyweight Champion. We taped heavyweight Ali right after he took the second place at the World Games 2005 in Duisburg, Germany, together with Kamal El-Gargni, who competes for Qatar. Congratulations to Ali for taking the Overall at the 2008 IFBB World Championships!

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Kamal El Gargani

Kamal El Gargni is one of the world’s most experienced bodybuilders. Born in Libya, Kamal now lives in England, where he competes for the nation of Qatar. He was a NABBA Mr. Universe (2001) and became an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. He has since won the IFBB World Games in 2005 and the IFBB World Championships in 2005 and 2006. We taped heavyweight Ali right after he took the second place at the World Games 2005 in Duisburg, Germany, together with Overall 2006 IFBB World Champion Ali Tabrizi-Nouri.

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Mark Erpelding

Mark Erpelding is one of the most popular national competitors in the NPC. We photographed Mark several times in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Las Vegas. You can also see some joint appearances with heavyweights Greg Jones and Sami Al-Haddad in Miami, and with Chard Ray Martin in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Mark for taking 1st Place, Heavyweight Class at the  NPC Excalibur Championships in Los Angeles.

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