Roman Davos                                                     Vasily Shepelen

Chris Collins                                         Yan Seflax

Dynamite Studios is excited to present 4 hot new muscle men to! Roman Davos is seriously hot, and from the reaction of our fans – an absolute superstar. Then we have the amazingly handsome blonde god and MuscleHunks cover model Vasily Shepelen. We also want to introduce Mr. Russia and Mr. Universe Title Holder Yan Seflax – and last, but not least muscle pup Chris Collins. LiveMuscleShow now features over 50 incendiary Muscle Studs, including Rico Elbaz, Anton Buttone, Joos Groen, Dobri Timaru, Amerigo Jackson, Alex Descha, Lorenzo Kaiden, Ezequiel Martinez, Ted Durbin, Carlos Vespucci, Eduardo Correa, Cody Miller, Lex Attila, Frank Defeo, Troy Hammer, and the infamous Rodney St. Cloud.

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Introducing New MuscleHunks Cover model and LiveMuscleShow sensation:

Vasily Shepelen

If class is the look and trash is the mood, you’ll certainly want to check out the original Mr. Still Waters Run Deep Vasily Shepelin. Ever had a quiet Sunday afternoon with the Sunday papers, when you suddenly realize you can’t last another minute and a half without a good hot stuff Old Reliable handshake for yourself and yourself alone? Sure….but do you throw these kind of contortions into it? Betting not….see just exactly what we mean by Cum Acrobatique!

Ricardo Rey

Super Heavyweight competitive bodybuilder Ricardo Rey has been training for a show for months, and the day after the show at Carnival, when he wants to celebrate with fellow bodybuilders Renaldo Arroyez and Tito Ortiz – it rains! What to do? Don’t worry – hot n’ horny Ricardo thinks of something – and what a performance this two-fisted stroker gives! Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz

Ever dream of a big friggin’ muscle man of your own, to play with whenever you please? Big muscles, coming at you on the beach….in your living room….in the bedroom. Waiting for you to stroke and punch and rub yourself against them? A muscleman just there for you to WORSHIP?


Angel Cordoba

Coming up next on, beautiful, sensual, young Angel Cordoba. This latin muscle stud has it all… imagine running your hands across those washboard abs, or touching that full hot mouth. This man is too hot to miss, so see him soon only at

  See Tyler Lee NOW at 

 Tyler Lee does a bit of everything: he was a Marine, is now a trucker, and likes to play the tables in Vegas. He’s usually pretty good at poker, but he met his match this one particular night – some guy from East Texas cleaned him out, and now he can barely afford the tacky suite he’s staying in. No matter.

Back in his room he swigs his beer, admires his own biceps a little (Tyler’s had one or two too many), and soon takes it a step further. Nothing special, especially for these pages, right? WRONG. Just wait till you see this man’s BEE-YOU-TI-FUL butt and …. Well, maybe you’d like to help him out…