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Justin Christopher – the one with the nine-inch, rock hard cock – grabs Max Schutler and takes him aside for some personal attention. Both men are ripped and stunning; with dark, perfectly chiseled bodies. Justin and Max are in the prime of their lives – each 28-years-old and both sexually skilled beyond belief. The fucking is unbelievable and might be the finest anal penetration you’ve seen in years.

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MIRAGE The Movie

Butch Harris,

*** Highly, Highly Recommended *** It’s no mirage, this Chris Ward masterwork is dazzlingly erotic, a peerless Egyptian-themed epic. Featuring an astonishing cast of gorgeous men, "Mirage" is an expertly directed tomb-raiding and ass-raiding wonder. Mr. Ward, with well over 100 films to his credit, raises his own high bar of excellence to produce what I believe is the best film of his career and one of the best of 2007.

In 2006, Raging Stallion rocked the porn world with the release of Chris Ward’s Arabesque–arguably one of the finest adult films of the past ten years. In 2007, the studio is ready to do it again with the release of Mirage, a two-disc, six hour, big budget sexual adventure filled with Middle Eastern men. In the tradition of Arabesque, Mirage is certain to be a contender for ALL top awards–indeed, Mirage may very well be the Movie of the Year!

It is absolutely a Must-Own for all fans of Chris Ward and Raging Stallion Studios!

All Star Cast

       Collin O’ Neal   

                 Dirk Jager                 

                 Dominic Pacifico              

              Huessein Raging Studios Exclusive       

                     Jake Deckard               

                     Justin Christopher             

                     Marc La Salle               

               Matthieu Paris Raging Stallion Exclusive        

                 Max Shutler                   


                     Steve Cruz        


                    Tamas Esterhazy          

               Tommy Blade