Introducing Collin O’neal as many of you know is a hot porn star who has worked for all of the major studios such as Channel One, Raging Stallions, Hot House, Falcon, etc…. Many more of you now know that he is a director also, all of which you will see

In Collin’s DVD movie series, now on its third installment, you will also see a DV D called Collin O’Neal’s World of Men. Collin looks for certain qualities in guys that he uses for his videos. The first thing is that they must be HOT. NO fillers here or boys. They can be short, tall, smooth, hairy, etc…but they must have sex appeal and a lot of it. And as Collin says, "they MUST really enjoy fucking other guys."

Here’s a look behind the scenes at just a sample of the hot guys you’ll see at Collin O’ Neal!