Introducing Matt Casey At 

 Age: 23
Zodiac: Scorpio
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 7"
Weight: 155lb
Waist: 30"
Chest: 42"
Shoe Size: 12
Cock: 8" cut & thick

A sexy man in a business suit….an alluring vision and the subject of many fantasies! When PerfectGuyz Matt Casey is not training in the ring, throwing jabs at a worthy opponent….he adorns a business suit for battle in the business world. Whether wearing well fitted running shorts or a shirt and tie, Matt is a deadly handsome, sexy guy. Matt watched a video, and was instantly aroused, unzipped the fly in his trousers to allow his 8” think cock the freedom it demanded. Finding his rhythm, Matt played with his cock, artfully stroking the head as if to tease us. Finally, in a rush of ecstasy, he unloaded in an explosion of cum. In a suit or boxing shorts, watching PerfectGuyz Matt shoot his load is a delicious treat! Enjoy Matt in this encore PerfectGuyz presentation.

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