Maine & Johnny At

All-American Maine is back with tussled hair & those chiseled features. At 24, he has the looks that could easily land his deliciously defined frame on a Parisian runway. Fortunately he’s back on CircleJerkBoys instead! It seems that more than his hair’s been growing since we last saw Maine & he’s here to do something about it! Twenty year old Johnny has darker features & a latin flavor that is more ‘boy-next-door’ but equally appealing! Both of these studs lost their cherries in their early teens to older girls & we can only imagine what trouble these two have gotten into since! Both horny & avid strokers, Maine loves to take care of business in the shower. Johnny, who’s been caught doin’ the deed, prefers his bedroom. We guess Johnny will feel more at home as they prepare to stroke one off for us …and then some. Neither has had any male-to-male experience & both admit to being a bit nervous about it. Guess there’s no sense in wasting time—these cherries are ripe for pickin! Enjoy!

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