Leo and Scott B at BlakeMason.com

The loveable Leo M is back and this time he’s paired up with hunky Scott B! Having been away for most of the summer, Leo had been keenly watching the site to see which newbie he most wanted to plough and wouldn’t you know it.. Scott B was at the top of his list. Luckily for Leo, his chosen fuck buddy felt exactly the same say.

These guys had a real element of raw, natural chemistry together. They knew the cameras were rolling but there sure was a certain humorous connection as well as the physical one between them. They not only wanted to have sex with each other, but also have fun at the same time… just watch the bonus film and you’ll see it. After some really sensuous kissing and nipple biting Leo M and Scott B decided to have a deep throat competition. They both swallow cock right down to the nuts! Scott wanted to prime Leo’s arse with both his mouth and his fingers before he served the main course and desert to his very willing partner. This is a classic, enjoy!

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