Introducing Lee At

Lee is another one of those brainiacs like we’ve seen at Chaosmen lately. A graduate student trying to scrape by. He fudged a little bit when BryanI asked him if he was gay or straight, saying he was bi. Lee is familiar with a lot of the sites that market "Straight" guys, and probably was worried he would be rejected  if he wasn’t straight, if not bi.

Once he realized Bryan was eager to work with him no matter, he pretty much gave up on the bi thang, and we’re  happy to report he’s playing for our team.  Hurrah! Lee is totally versatiley, eager to show of his dick, as well as his butt. He’s watched a lot of gay porn, and really wanted "us" to get off to his video. His dick really liked the camera too, cuz the minute his underwear would slide off, BOING! Hard as a rock.  Lee  will definitely be back for more action work. Stay Tuned! 

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