Introducing Victor At

"Victor is a part time masseuse, and full time hottie. He needed some extra cash and Juan brought him to Cockyboys. If you have a thing for Latin boys like we do, you will love Victor. He has a nice tight bod, great cock and a HOT ass. You just want to bite it. He admitted that he likes to get off in his massage room. At first it seemed like his solo was going to be a regular jerk off scene. He was a little bashful and wanted to do a quick workout to get the blood flowing.

Well once it was flowing – HOLY FUCK. At one point Victor laid down on his stomach and started grinding his cock against the massage bed. The muscles in his ass tighten and release and it’s just amazing. Then he stands up against the headboard. 

Then he said he can only cum when he’s laying on his back…. Now what kind of straight boy says that??? As he got close he laid down on the bed and shot all over his stomach. HOT. Of course now we can’t stop wondering what he’s like giving a massage."  Enjoy! 

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