Riddick And Blaze At MikeHancock.com

Justin Riddick is one guy who works hard on his body. He’s tough, rough, and loves being the "bad ass" when it cums to fucking other guys. He loves the intimidation factor his muscles give him. But Blaze has learned that having a beautiful ass wields its own power. Though both Justin and Blaze constantly talked about their female conquests, they knew they were kindred spirits when it came to sex. Justin loves getting head and fucking hard. Blaze has learned to suck cock like a pro, and has discovered his inner "bottom bitch" and revels in it. When this unlikely pair got together, they exceeded Mike’s wildest expectations.

Justin found out that Blaze has a tight manhole that felt ohhh sooo good while driving his cock in him hard and deep. Blaze’s loud moans of ecstacy only stoked the fire as they fucked until they both were ready to bust a satisfying nut. Justin Riddick and Blaze make one scorching hot pair.  Enjoy.

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