Kane At Bukbuddies.com

Kane is back, much better than ever, in a stunning new feature entitled “Just About Anything,” a fitting title for a photo shoot that shows him off like never before. 

This 22 year old sexy bear cub hottie is cuter than punch and sexier than hell…looking like a young Brad Pitt and hung with a huge, sweet uncut cock that Brad would die for. You’ll love Kane in his cowboy vest and outback leather hat. You’ll love him in his tattered jeans and then in his black interview dress up clothes. And you’ll love him even more in his green camo cleaning pants and tee, but most of all you’ll love him as he cleans the kitchen floor naked from his tee down sporting a monster boner, waving his young hairy bare assed butt at the camera as he completes his afternoon chores in preparation for a truly spectacular cum shot. To finish off, he makes a sloppy mess on the newly cleaned floor. His erection still dripping with cum he stands for a final pose looking so bad, so naughty, but just absolutely so wonderful. Enjoy!

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