Introducing Jordan Thomas From RandyBlue

Jordan Thomas, what a find! Even his pics don’t him justice. Jordan has a tall, beautifully sculpted body and looks like he just stepped off a pedestal in a museum. He’s also got a face that could launch a thousand cologne commercials, high fashion clothing ads and romance novels. To make it worse, he has this deep sultry voice that makes you want to beg him to say your name over and over again. As you can see the camera loves him.

Jordan shows off his body like he’s a car salesman showing off the newest edition of the hottest sportscar on the market. What is it about tall, trim guys all having the biggest cocks? His massive member could be used as a weapon in a bar fight! It’s big, beautiful and it’s all for you. He wrestles his throbbing anaconda until it spews a hot load of cum on his flawless abs.

Ps. Some say he resembles Prince William what do you think?

We love you Jordan and that’s a wrap

Here’s A Real Treat Action Clips Of Jordan

CLICK HERE Or Above To See Jordan’s Action Clip

Jordan and Rocky

CLICK HERE OR Above To See Jordan And Rocky’s Action Clip

Rocky Houston has been eager to try his hand at some one-on-one action with another guy for awhile now. I called up new model, Jordan Thomas and he was more than happy to break in the ruggedly handsome Rocky. This scene was Rocky’s first time sucking a cock and I hope everyone can forgive him for gagging on Jordan’s thick meat- personally I found it to be kinda hot and kept rolling