Johnny Castle At

When Johnny Castle walked through the door, Mike’s knees went weak. He was wearing dark sun glasses, army fatigues and a tank top. No one radiates pure, raw sexuality like Johnny Castle, and Mike was ready to be his… if only he’d asked. A boy can dream, can’t he? Though Johnny has pledged his undying love to porn goddess Jenaveve Jolie, Johnny has no problem hangin’ with the boys. Though he says that he doubts he’ll ever do a full sex scene with another guy, he’s quick to admit that he never says “never.”  Ok the fantasy is still alive…

Though he looks the part of the dark, brooding bad boy from the streets, in actuality, Johnny Castle is the farthest thing from it. With a Masters degree in psychology, this stud is brains and brawn. And if that isn’t enough, he’s got a sense of humor that disarms even the most intimidated. He made us all laugh at the most unexpected times, and that just made me want him even more. When it was time for him to get naked, we all just watched in awe as this beautiful man took us on a journey of self pleasure. With every stroke of his cock, we fell deeper and deeper under his spell. Then he taunted us with his perfect ass. I can only imagine what it would feel like to be deep inside him, moving in one rhythm with Johnny lying underneath.  If anyone can get Johnny to go further than any stud dare, it’s Mike Hancock. Johnny says he’s “open minded.”

We’ll see how open-minded Johnny is at Club Hancock, debuting later this summer.  Enjoy.

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