Jeremy ‘In Something More Special’ On Bukbuddies

Jack returns in an all new and very hot set, but this week we have something very special, a set with Jeremy entitled “ Something More Special.” In redoing some of our earlier sets we could not overlook, Jeremy, one of our perennial favorites and since we have so much great video footage of him that you have never seen, well, it was a no brainer. This is Jeremy at his best and a set you’ll want to visit often. Not only is the video new and exciting, but we’ve included high rez shots of his entire 255 image set.  

Jeremy epitomizes the term “hottie” and as you watch him in action you will agree that this 5 foot 7 sexy man child has it all. He’s 24 years old at the time of this footage so we see Jeremy fresh, full of fun and playing his most macho self to the fullest. Now, his final scene on the round bed is just exceptional. This is a cum shot for the ages so be ready to blow your mind as Jeremy lying naked on the waterbed and looking like the man of your dreams, blows a mega hands free load all over himself proving he really is something more than special.

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