Jay, Rico And Loco Rios At CircleJerkBoys.com

For many, "3" is a magical number. Its importance in both Roman and Greek cultures is unquestionable. Its obvious effect on Western and Eastern cultures are apparent.  Even when a celebrity kicks the bucket we say "Wait for it—They all go in threes!" Wanting to conjure up a bit of "magic" ourselves, CJB’s decided to create a divine triad of their own. Three defined, young, sculpted lads have cum together (pun intended) to make more than magic happen for us. They have all been with CJB’s before, and have each created quite the reaction when they were unveiled. Jay Martinez, the 19 year old Latin beefcake is our first, and he’s back with his 19 year old buddy Rico Salazar. Makes you wonder what they’re feeding boys these days? These two 6’1 papi chulos already have a hot dual jack-off session under their belt, which hit the site a few months ago. To add the finishing cream to our already sweet treat, we’ve added one more latin flavor to the mix, 19yr old Loco Rios. Together, they make the key ingredients to the delicious dessert we’ve brought together for you this week: ¡Tres Leches! (Three milks) —Mind in gutter in …3 …2 …1 Enjoy! 

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