Jason & Troy In "Power Sex" At CockyBoy.com

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"You’ll ride hard and go to bed wet over this weeks scene, Power Sex featured at CockyBoys.com. Jason White sports his massive nine and a half inch cock. He loves to brag that he makes guys gasp for air when he throat fucks them. He’s a fuckin’ power tripper stud.  Tory Mason is a perfect match in the role of power bottom. He’s taken ten inches from Albert long, and ridden Marcos Pirelli’s thick cock like he was at a fucking rodeo! You have to ask yourself, who’s the winner? Power top? Or power bottom? Would Jason be able to tear Tory a new asshole and stretch him to new limits? Or would Tory aqueeze Jason’s cock into a long noodle?The challenge is on. There’s a great interview with these two guys. It’s almost like the WWF before the big match. Bragging. Boasting. In the end, Jason pounds Tory like there’s no tomorrow. But Tory surprises Jason and takes it like a champ sucking all of his cock into his ass. In a surprise move Tory flips Jason over and rides him hard in long, deep strokes.

Who wins? You be the judge. Whatever the outcome, you’ll bust a nut."

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