Jason And Tory Flip Fuck At CockyBoys.com

It’s so much fun to shake things up. One little known fact is that Tory Mason can top. He’s a great bottom, but apparently he can also tear up a boy’s ass if given the opportunity. Jesse, Tory and some more of my clan were in Vegas for the boys to dance at a club. Tory kept mouthing off about how he fucks tricks he picks up at clubs. Honestly I didn’t buy it at first, and neither did Jesse. So Jesse called Tory out and they agreed that after the club gig Tory would top Jesse and prove he had the goods. The boys went back to the suite, ran a hot bath, and the games began. You can still see the henna tats the boys had on from the club. The scene starts with the boys sucking each other, and quickly turns to Tory rimming Jesse’s ass. Jesse has a great ass, and Tory burys his face right in it. Then Tory fingers Jesse’s hole, while Jesse takes his monster cock and whips Tory in the chest with it. Jesse’s still the boss, even with Tory’s fingers up his ass! That’s when the real debauchery begins. Tory starts fucking Jesse in about every position he can think of, but when he gets Jesse doggie style he really opens up. Of course the true Tory eventually comes out – he just can’t resist riding Jesse’s cock. The scene ends with Tory blowing a massive load with Jesse’s dick buried deep in his ass. The perfect finish. 

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