James Hamilton & Brad Benton At ExtraBigDicks.com

We hope you guys are hungry this week because we’ve brought together two recent finds who just happen to be two huge horn dogs. Exhibit A: One James Hamilton: 22yo; hung, fortunately no longer in Kansas (apparently ditched Toto in a backroom somewhere); motto: “If it feels good —Do it!” and by “do it” we’re pretty sure he means “fuck it”. Yeah this horny Kansas boy will fuck anything with only one qualification. After all, he needs some standards doesn’t he?…Don’t go there. “They have to be hot!” he grins as he confesses he is an equal opportunity fuck—Male, female—it’s all good. Nodding his head in agreement is the second half of our all the dick you can take update, Mr. Brad Benton—or “Exhibit B”. Georgia native; 29yo, also hung and a self-described “dirty boy”, Brad is grinning as he chimes in with his brand of moral mojo. “Yeah they just gotta be hot. Not a pillow with a strap on” he laughs. Fortunately we’re not that kind of site. <Collective sigh of relief> Together these 2 boys pack enough meat to choke a small horse. More than likely a horsy from out West; since many of the Miami locals have no gag reflex. <gulp> Either way, Gag reflex’ are what we’ll be testing today as these sexy, dirty boys each have a go at each others ExtraBigDicks. Fasten your seatbelts …this might get sloppy.

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