We saw how James responded to pleasurable oral stimuli, so Mike couldn’t wait to see what this sexy stud could do when he’s fucking.

Damon Phoenix has one of the nicest asses in porn. With a nice cushion for pushin’, Damon says no cock is too big for him to take. That’s just the can-do attitude we like to hear. Damon wasted no time suckin’ James’ massive (8.5") manhood, impressing all of us with his deep throat skills. James was in pure heaven and returned the favor with a little 69 action. But as good as having his dick sucked felt, James was all about getting into Damon’s ass. Once contact was made, it was like the fourth of July. Both of these guys like it rough, and James couldn’t pound Damon hard enough! What’s a little slap here and there between fuck buddies.

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We love ya James and Phoenix and that’s a wrap