Jake At SeanCody.com

Jake is just fucking adorable! When one of Sean’s camera guys told him, "You have a very nice body," he got a big smile on his face. We don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone smile quite so much! When asked about his best feature, he pointed to his abs. "That’s my pride and joy right there," he said. Personally, We think his big, uncut dick is his best asset. But what do we know?

Jake is a part time college student who spends most of his time doing what young studs do: party and chase girls. "I dabble a little bit with college," is how he put it. "I’m thinking maybe I’ll go into business. I hope that maybe one day I can own my own business. That would be awesome."

When asked if he is straight, he said, "Um…." followed by a long pause, followed by, "Yeah, I am." When asked if he’s "curious" he said, "Hey, everybody’s curious!" It will be interesting to see how this one goes!

And, of course, he can do a perfect back flip. Why does it seem like every fucking hot young stud these days can do a perfect back flip??

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 Click here to see the free XXX Sean Cody Tour

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