Jack In ‘Jack In The Box’ On Bukbuddies.com

We could spend a lot of time talking about Jack, but let’s just start by saying Jack is back! And he’s back in a big way in an all new feature entitled “Jack & the Box.” What you’ll see and hear this week is a Jack that is way more relaxed and at the same time is a whole lot more exciting. He brought along a nice white dress shirt and jeans so we started him off looking like a GQ hottie taking some great portrait shots and then we jumped right into the “jock” look with his basketball gear. Damn, is there something this kid doesn’t look good in?

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Jack is ripped. He has the closest thing to a perfect body you’ll probably ever find and when he sits himself down in the big wooden box and starts to tell us all the wonderful stories of his youthful exploits, well, sex become the topic of the moment and getting his sweet uncut cock revved up and ready to shoot a hot load of jizz becomes the need at hand. Jack puts on an awesome show as he strains every muscle working up to the final moment of complete ecstasy. This is a great set, one that puts Jack on top of the long list of BukBuddies favorites. I’m sure we’ll want to see much, much more of this young stud and soon.

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