Ivan Young Russian Hottie On Chaosmen.com

Let’s hear it for rosie-cheeked Russian twinks!

Ivan was born in Russia, but grew up here. Bryan didn’t know he spoke fluent Russian until the next day on the phone when he heard him talking to his Russian buddy.  We could have had him teach us the phrase for "Big Uncut Cock" – which of course he has!

Ivan wasn’t  very nervous, but he does smile a lot and laugh as if he can’t believe he is doing this.

You can tell he likes jacking-off with enough ferocity to bang his balls around. You really get the full on thump-thump action with him.

Ivan was concerned about his rosie cheeks, and Bryan told him Jayce has the same thing going on, you all enjoy seeing him. His one draw back is he did grow up with acne on his backside. Its almost cleared up.  Bryan did show off his back side, but its still healing and a bit disconcerting.  Bryan could have skipped it, but he was really good at showing off his butthole, and having a hot young dude inviting you to eat his hole should never be denied.

He says he can’t cum from a blow job, so the gauntlet has been thrown down. We’ll see if Bryan can talk him into a Serviced video and perhaps more.

Ivan sure is adorable!

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