Introducing Troy At

PerfectGuyz Troy walked into the studio and closed the door behind him. They  looked over at the stud and were instantly struck by his beauty. Troy is radiant and  has shimmering blonde hair. He’s the kind of guy that makes a strong first impression. His firm, enthusiastic handshake and side-glance from his emerald green eyes foreshadow his intentions. As a matter of course, we asked him to undress and show us what he had to offer. Troy unbuttoned his shirt and exposed a smooth muscular chest and ripped abdomen. His biceps and back were also very well defined. His jeans dropped to his ankles – displaying a spectacular cock and ass. His cock, only slightly aroused, was large and symmetrical. The perfectly round orbs of his ass were particularly amazing. The view was breathtaking. PerfectGuyz Troy stroked his cock to a stiff eight inches of pure grade-A meat. He shot a smile back at us and said, “So do I make the cut?” We took another indulging look and replied, “Oh yeah….you make the cut”.

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