Introducing Raven At

On all counts Raven is a winner. At 22 he’s just entering his prime so when he said he wanted to model for BukBuddies, how could they refuse? This is one hot GQ athletic and muscular dude. Package that along with a handsome face, a sexy Diesel like look and an attitude to die for and you have a great new super model at BukBuddies. They started Raven out wearing his dark blue suit, blue shirt and blue tie and did the dude look fly? Then tried him in his PT shorts and armless Tee and whoa, the muscles just wouldn’t stop bulging. Then they checked out his tight flat abs and turned him over to check out the buns….sweet bubble butt!

But there’s more, muscle that is. They had him on his back showing off his size 12 ½ feet and then his hardest muscle of all, his huge thick cock, big fat and with a head that sure must be hard to swallow. True to form, Raven made his debut at BukBuddies in grand style, from a stunning entrance to his final splash, a thick white cum shot to finish off his first BukBuddies’ solo. You’re gonna love this guy.  

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