Introducing Louden At 


Age: 23
Zodiac: Capricorn
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6′ 5"
Weight: 190lb
Waist: 33"
Chest: 40"
Shoe Size: 14
Cock: 8 1/2" Thick & Uncut
Physique: Athletic

Introducing Louden – a sexy basketball jock. Louden is incredibly handsome and a big favorite of the girls and a few of the boys on campus. He’s started playing basketball at a young age and is now a big name star on the college team. Louden’s basketball skills are unmatched. He is an excellent team player and he has a rare eye for making the more challenging shots. In addition to his talents on the court, he is the uber popular kid to have at parties and is the president of his fraternity. Louden has a strong physical presence – standing 6 foot 5 inches tall, and weighing in at 190 pounds. He has short cropped brown hair and green, sexy bedroom eyes. His physique is very trim and muscular – perfect for speed and agility on the basketball court. He has long, strong legs and a defined butt. His cock is 8 ½ inches and fully uncut. Louden told us that the guys gave him the nickname of “snake” because of the sheer size of his cock. Watching him stoke it made it clear just how well the name truly fits him. We watched as the cock grew larger with each stoke and continued to rise till it thrust upward from his groin. When it was time to let loose on his load, Louden jolted his hips forward to send a stream of white semen shooting out of his balls, through his giant uncut cock. Enjoy Louden.  


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