Introducing Leo At 

You might have caught Leo on another site, but he’s decided to come work for Bryan for a while. Leo is a hard guy to figure out. His girlfriend thinks he’s gay. His friends think he is gay, and he sounds a little on the gay side. But the guy really is into the straight porn.  He’s done solo work and he received a blow job.  Leo does like to show off his ass, and does love to have fingers in it, and we’re thinking he has fantasies of getting fucked.  Bryan tossed a butt plug in for his solo. He struggled to get it all the way in (It’s delisciously tedious waiting for him to get in that last ‘lil bit!" Once he was on his back, he got it in all the way. A future Bottom in the making? Leo is a super sweet guy,  What a body!  Enjoy!

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