Introducing Gram At

Gram is a typical straight guy. Always on the prowl for hot girls, and he has learned the fine art of being and having a Wing Man. He and his buddy (soon on the site) both seem to tag team the ladies when they are out partying.  He has the confidence without being cocky, and despite his good looks, he has the decency to even be self- conscious. It’s a funny thing, why he doesn’t like his smile, but his teeth are picture perfect, and is totally endearing.

As for sex, we think he is of the high energy type and pretty sure he can be talked into a Serviced video, cuz as he said, "A mouth is a mouth" Bryan is very psyched to film it ‘cuz just by watching his jack off technique, he can tell he could keep him on the edge.  We’ll see.  Enjoy. 

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