Introducing Erik From

AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5’10"
BUILD: Muscular
COCK: 7" Uncut

 You can tell just what a great personality Erik has by seeing the smile that’s on his face. He’s a genuinely upbeat, easygoing guy who is a wonderful pleasure to be around. His personality – as great as it may be – is only part of why he’s so much fun to be around!

His body is incredible, with powerful muscles all over. Those nipples on that ripped chest look hot as hell! Indeed, every single inch of that chest is quite an impressive sight, from great pecs to awesome abs. His arms and legs are also powerful, and his ass is to die for. What’s more, that hot uncut cock of his looks awesome hard and stiff while he eagerly strokes it getting himself off.

Furthermore, that sexy accent of his will surely have you drooling!

When it comes to sexy, Latin studs, Erik is the ideal specimen and the latest great addition to CF!

We love ya Erik and that’s a wrap