Introducing Doug At

Doug’s first shoot for BukBuddies is filled with a ton of super sexy shots, not to mention a whopping final shot!


Doug’s got it all. He’s hot; he has a stunning face, beautiful hazel eyes, perfect alabaster white skin and he carries a solid 7 inch package that’s always loaded and ready for action.


To show off his lean athletic body we had him bring his blue wrestling singlet along so we could see just how sexy and hot this dude looked in his practice gear. Hold on for dear life: his huge manhood just wouldn’t stay down as he posed in his skin tight singlet. These are sweet shots as he prances around singlet in one hand and boner just bouncing in the breeze.


Doug is both cute and sexy in his blue farmer’s jeans. They seemed to accentuate his boyish good looks and at times bring him to the very edge of naïve innocence. But on the sofa, all sense of innocence dissipates as we watch him stroke his perfectly proportioned 7 inch cock to a huge orgasm, something you’ll enjoy watching over and over. As he reclines on the sofa, arms over his head, his vulnerability is awesome. Enjoy.

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