Introducing Donny At

When  Donny arrived for his shoot, he was with two buddies and they brought several cases of beer, and proceeded to slam a beer down via some chugging technique that involves cutting holes into the beer can like a carberator and sucking the whole can down in one fell swoop.

His friends were nice enough, but its not normally how Bryan starts a shoot off. He said he was nervous, and his friends came along for the road trip and it was kind of a big adventure for this small town kid. He was tipsy for sure.

His attitude changed when he got a full look at my setup, and realized he might have acted innapropriately for the first day on the job.  Basically Bryan sent him home to get some sleep, and they started the shoot the next day a bit fresher.

What a difference a night makes! Instead of the quasi-tipsy party boy, he had a super serious and polite dude, who clearly thought about his friends and takes care of his own.  We can’t imagine a guy better suited for porn. He says’ he is deviant, but bascially I think he means he is a sex addict- probably jacking off 2-3 times a day and constantly looking for pussy. He loves to show off, and his dick is awesome.  Enjoy! 

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