Introducing Derik Steel At 

Age: 29
Zodiac: Capricorn
Eye Color: Â Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: Â 5’10"
Weight: Â 180 lbs
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Actor/Actress: Jack Nicholson & Kathy Bates
Boxers or Briefs? Neither!
Hobbies: Dancing

 This hunky mid-west native is a body builder and professional stripper. He loves taking it all off for anyone who wants to watch. His favorite pick up line is "Hey baby, wanna do it?" He swears it works every time. HIs favorite place to have sex is in the great outdoors. His wildest night of sex he ever had included lots of refrigerated items. He prefers an aggressive lover with an accent, good looks and lots of personality. Do you have what it takes?  Enjoy.  

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