Introducing Dalton At

Age: 28
Zodiac: Aquarius
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 10"
Weight: 160lb
Waist: 30"
Chest:  38"
Shoe Size: 10
Cock: 8" Cut & Thick
Physique:  Muscular

PerfectGuyz Dalton – our latest sexy Italian stud! Dalton has so many exuberant qualities that it’s difficult to know where to begin in describing this handsome man. To start, Dalton has a dark tan, typical of Italian guys – which depicts every curve and muscle on his body. His square jaw, deep golden brown eyes and rich dark brown hair are striking. His taught muscular chest and thick arms are true depictions of his strength and complete his rugged, masculine appearance. And, his cock is large, cut and curves slightly to the left when he’s fully hard. There’s a special quiet confidence that Dalton exudes. He’s aware of his influence on people – his warmth, sincerity, and charm all add to his seductive powers. Indeed, PerfectGuyz Dalton is highly sexual. Artful at masturbation, he lubed his cock and indulged himself with each stroke of the 8” shaft. We noticed Daltons breathing suddenly becoming heavier as he started feeling the anticipation of his finest moment; his big cock was close to releasing. He groaned then gasped as streams of cum drenched his bare chest. What a beautiful vision – the tan muscular, sexy Dalton as he lay exhausted and satiated. Enjoy Dalton is his premiere PerfectGuyz presentation.   

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