Introducing Chuck At

AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 6’0"
BUILD: Muscular
COCK: 7" Cut

It’s not the first time it’s happened, but it’s always something that stands out – if you were to spot Chuck on the street or just see him real quickly, you’d notice no doubt that he’s hot, obviously built, and quite the stud but also might think he’s a bit intimidating and would be pretty standoffish.  He is indeed hot, built, and a total stud! As far as the intimidating and standoffish part, however, he is anything but! He settled in to his interview here right away, more than ready to chat it up and laugh. Even when not filming, he was always telling jokes and totally engaged when someone was speaking to him. He has a smile on deck all the time, it seems, and is tons of fun to be around! 

Let’s check out Chuck in the gym! It’s a setting he’s definitely familiar with, given that ripped body he has! Working a load out of that hot dick of his is also territory he’s familiar with, as he was clearly having fun jerking off for us. He was as hard as could be, and enjoyed having his dick smack against his abs and putting on a show. Hot, friendly, and an exhibitionist! Always a great combo in a CF stud! 

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