Introducing Shane Foster At

When Shane Foster walked through the door it was obvious he was a class act.  Shane’s got a great build and loves the outdoors. He’s tall, six foot three inches, thick and beefy with a hearty handful of cock. He eats nothing but all natural foods, works out regularly and really gets into extreme sports. He’s got a few bumps and bruises from all of his activities but it adds to his sexy rugged look. He loves to jack off and does so frequently so it was nothing for him to grab his big piece of meat and go to town on it. He even started playing with his ass during the shoot, teasing us even more. And the most striking thing about this video is the fit of giggles he gets once he starts to come. We’ve seen all kinds of reactions during a cumshot but we have never seen anyone just start laughing. It was quite amazing and fun.  Enjoy!

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