Hagan & Parker Big Boys Get it On At Chaosmen!

Parker had done a tiny bit of oral servicing in the past, and Hagan was willing to give a guy a blow job, so Bryan thought it we be perfect to put these two guys together. Hagan is still on the fence on full-on interactive sex with a dude, so Bryan wanted to make sure he got him in to at least suck a guy’s dick.

Many viewers don’t believe these guys are straight, but you have to admit, they both are truly amateur at this. Parker at the very least throws lots of energy and enthusiasm in it, and he scores high in that.  Would Hagan actually blow Parker? Parker took off his boxers, and moved closer for Hagan to reach out and jack him off. He kept leaning towards it, but it didn’t look like it was gonna happen. Finally Parker declared it was his turn from some head and went to the edge of the table where Hagan would have better access.

Ok, so Hagan is not a natural cock sucker. Hello! He is straight. So you gotta give him credit for doing it, and I must say he is even more handsome with a dick in his mouth! Both these guys are BIG, but they managed to do some 69 action up on the massage table. Bryan made sure that Hagan nutted first, just in case Parker’s load being spilling out on him ruined his mojo and we would have to wipe it off so he could nut. Dontcha love watching straight boys kiss!

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CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour


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