Damian and Drew From BlakeMason

Well, the thought of just how another guy would react to Drew’s massive cock was just too much to resist so when Damian said he was up for it, the guys jumped at the chance of getting them together for some hot action. The phrase “he is a big boy, isn’t he!” still makes us giggle.  These guys are both great kissers but it didn’t take long for Damian to unleash Drew’s hard thick cock. He couldn’t resist trying to deep throat that massive member but then he was barely able to get his hands round it! Drew of course returned the favour and gave Damian some great head too.
It was quite a sight seeing Drew on his back with Damian fucking his tight ass – and still playing with his cock. But then a quick change of position let Drew really feel Damian deep inside him – and the pleasure was all too obvious as Drew wanked his cock and spurted a huge load everywhere. These bi guys sure seem to enjoy man sex don’t they…!

We lov you guys and that’s a wrap