Gabe, Cade and Gage At

Bet you can’t say those name over and over lol.  You’ll definitely want to after you see this three studs in action. It is safe to say that Gabe (the one in the center) is getting more and more comfortable with the whole idea of gay sex… The next big step will be to convince him to give up his virgin hole to another CF stud.  But it is taking some time and  the best way to keep him open to the idea of being fucked eventually is to pair him with as many guys as possible. Seeing several other guys he knows and respects taking it up the ass and thoroughly enjoying it has definitely peaked his interest in trying it himself.   

This shoot  was actually supposed to be Gabe and Cade, two of CF’s most well-equipped tops, tag teaming Gage, but as luck would have it, after some hot oral action, Gabe went first and pounded Gage so hard and deep doggy style that he couldn’t handle it anymore!  So fortunately Cade was willing to take on Gabe’s massive dick!

Gabe, being extra careful this time, took things slow at first…and gradually built up speed, pounding Cade a little harder and deeper with each thrust, fucking a thick hot load out of Cade. It wasn’t very long before Gabe and Gage both unloaded all over him, leaving him drenched in hot cum!

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