Introducing Hugh At

Don’t you love it when they just let it grow? Hugh says he never trims. Says he’d rather just let it be natural. Says he likes to let the bush grow. Hugh has the right amount in all the vital areas.  You can see Hugh Live at  Enjoy. 

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Have You Been To Fratpad Yet?

Trey II At

Our feature is the return of Trey in Trey II. Members fell in love with Trey when Trey Up-close was released last summer and they fell in lust with him when he got blown by Ross last fall. His LIVE! shows on Fratmen.TV are always huge hits as he jacks off for members over web cam from his bedroom (occasionally having to duck the camera under a book when his brother walks un-announced into the room) so it only made sense to bring Trey back for a second solo feature. 

This movie sees him starting out by humping the edge of his bed until he cums then jumping into the shower and then heading back to his bedroom where he jacks off and blows a second load. His body is amazing.. he’s in even better shape than he was when he shot his first movie.  Enjoy Trey!

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Bonus Feature "Connor Takes On The Fratpad!"

Connor Takes On The Fratpad

The big news at Fratpad is that their newest pledge is none other than Fratman Connor. Connor has been a favorite at Fratmen.TV not only because of his great shows and great personality but because of his impressive 9-inch dick that he LOVES to whip out any chance he gets.  If you haven’t visited the Fratpad yet, you’re missing out on the best Live All Male Cam house online. 

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