FRANK DEFEO: Idyll Summer

Frank DeFeo proves once again he has to do very little on camera to turn you on OR himself for that matter. Alone, naked and lying on a lounge chair by the pool Frank puts lotion on his bronzed skin and flexes his muscles, pointing out the highlights of his incredible body along the way. The lotion and the bright sun work together to showcase his pumped up pecs, his peaked biceps, his washboard abs, and his muscular bubble butt while turning him on. And once Frank DeFeo gets turned on there’s no turning back. He goes from humping the chair to lying on his back and stroking his cock. His thoughts? They’re of himself flexing naked by the pool. You’ll have to decide whether Frank’s naked muscle worship is for you or himself. Be prepared to see Frank DeFeo put in a few new moves in his sexed up posing routine that may make you lose it. 

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