Frank DeFeo In "Idyll" At

Frank DeFeo rises from a crystal clear pool like a Greek god emerging from the ocean in the dreamlike muscle fantasy "Idyll". Part muscle worship and part modern mythology, Frank DeFeo is the living embodiment of a collected pantheon of the gods. He?s the combination of a beautiful and muscular Narcissus, the mighty Atlas standing and flexing, as well as Zeus as he reclines stroking his cock as he looks into the camera with a confident and dominant gaze.  Whatever position his body takes and whatever angle the camera captures, Frank DeFeo shows off a body at the peak of size and perfection as he pumps both his muscles and his cock with godlike superiority. Frank explains how you can have abs like his (it isn’t what you think) after the closing credits.  

 Manifestmen is now updating two times each week.  The are also about to increase their member’s only Manifest Men Live Shows to once each week. 

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