Fabrizio Mangiotti And Renato Bellagio At SexGaymes.tv

A sensual massage starts our journey as Fabrizio Mangiotti works over Renato Belagio, massaging his chest then quickly moving to his cock. Renato soon returns the favor to Fabrizio. Renato then gets fucked by Mangiotti and without warning, Renato gets off of Fabrizios cock and starts sucking the meat pole that was just in his hole – condom and all! Guess he just needed more lube because Renato gets back on to continue his ride. About to explode, Fabrizio starts whacking off in Renatos mouth, blowing a huge load that Renato cannot keep in. Renatos mouth overflows with Fabrizios love juice. Renato is soon on his back blowing his own load all over his furry stomach. 

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