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This week, we have an Extra Big piece out of the Midwest! Christian,  looks clean cut; and, on first impression, would lead you to believe he’s just another well-mannered Midwesterner with a disarming smile and a laid back attitude. Don’t let the look fool you! Christian, at 5’11, is a big boy all around. As laid back as he may seem, his wild side makes him twice as hot. Packing a very thick 9” cock, Christian likes to get his cock off whenever and wherever he can. His hottest sexual memory to date was fucking his then boyfriend in a beer cooler at a bar where they could’ve been caught at any minute. He loves the adrenalin rush knowing he could be walked in on while he slams his fat cock in a tight hole. He used to have guys come over and walk in on him fucking his then boyfriend and join in in order to spice up their bedroom dynamics. That must’ve been quite the sight, walking in on Christian and seeing that hard cock pounding a hungry hole! For now, we have Christian here willing to give us a peek of that thick cock he loves to show off. 

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