Drake’s Biggest Muscle At SouthernStrokes!

Drake is a 21 year old stud that we found in Atlanta. He is 5’10” tall and built as solid as you will find. Drake’s biggest muscle just might be his huge fat 9 ½” cock.

They came across Drake in one of their model searches here in Atlanta. There was just something about him that is real likeable. When I first spoke with Drake I told him that I wasn’t sure if he was right for Southern Strokes but after speaking with him a couple of times, he has all the Southern Charm you would expect to find here in the South.

Drake has the look about him that is real sexy. Take one look in his eyes and he will make you freeze just like a deer in the head lights. Drake has beautiful, silky dark-chocolate skin on a body that is just pure muscle from head to toe. Drake’s arms are 16” and I dare to guess how big this boy’s chest might be. I could just imagine being held down under those strong arms.

When Drake arrived and they got to see his amazing dark skin, they guys immediately thought about putting him in one of our blue Southern Stroke’s promo T’s. The blue against his black skin was just amazing and it seemed to relax Drake in the process. Once Drake got comfortable, his personality started to show through his nerves.

One thing that Drake knows it that he is hot and he doesn’t mind if you watch.  He started by stripping off his shirt and admiring his huge chest and guns.  Next he drops his pants and reveals a huge cock that is standing at attention.  Drake’s cock is every bit of 9 ½ “and pack a full stream of hot white cum.  Watching his pool of kids rest against his ripped stomach is hot!

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