Dr Stevens Examines Damien Crosse At MenAtPlay!

Starring Neil Stevens & Damien Crosse

Menatplay favourite Damien Crosse visits the Doc hoping to get his hands on some blue pills and ends up getting much more then he bargained for… After a quick initial examination Doctor Stevens tries to prove he doesnt need teh pills and inserts a prostrate massager into him and his low moans and rock hard cock indicate his approval. The pleasure is almost too intense and he quickly explodes a huge load of cum!

And although its clear that he doesnt need any pills, the Doctor still gives him one and Damien’s cock is instantly ready for more! This time the Doc works a huge dildo into Damien’s ass but becomes so horny himself that he uses his own tool to help his patient along fucking him hard against the exmaination bed. Damien’s moans of pleasure intensify and he cums again followed by the gorgeous Doctor Stevens. A double whammy by Damien – HOT! 

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