Name That Lube With Doug and Collin LIVE!!

Doug and Collin will be doing their FIRST EVER duo together. Doug and Collin are best buds at the pad, so it makes sense that they’d want to do their first duo together. And this one’s going to be a game show.

The rules are simple. Collin and Doug will be blindfolded and suck some flavored lube off each other’s dicks. The one to guess the most flavors correctly wins. The winner receives a gift basket from ID Lube and the loser receives a big cream pie in the face (but don’t worry.. the winner will then lick it off of him). Be there as Doug and Collin take part in their first-ever guy-on-guy action.

This pay-per-view duo will NOT be archived and must be viewed live. The date is Friday, December 14th at 7PM. Ticket Price is $79 (plus your Fratpad membership). 

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